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Each year, Massachusetts College of Art and Design holds an annual fashion show to showcase the graduating seniors' work in a grand way. The theme for the 2024 show was titled Resurgence, featuring a rebirth of style and creativity. This project consisted of multiple parts, including a digital invitation, a program booklet, and a website.
Yaz Geceler
Music is heavily ingrained into Turkish culture—it’s used to celebrate, party, relax, grieve, and take life as it is. Yaz Geceler is a boxed music set that transports you to a seaside town in Turkey on a summer night, featuring three carefully chosen playlists to get you into a partying mood.
Moni | Restaurant Branding
Moni is a modern and fresh take on Turkish cuisine with an extra sprinkle of Black Sea seasoning. The shorthand for “evil eye” in Lazuri, Moni serves as the titleholder for this imagined restaurant. The Black Sea region of Turkey is home to many people of the Laz background, a community of which my family is a part of. With traditional mouth-watering dishes and an inviting brand, you’ll want to come back for seconds, thirds, and fourths!
Creative blocks affect every single artist in the world. For art students specifically, creative blocks are a huge hindrance to learning and progression. To rectify this, I created the habit-creating app, Artbit, to combat the dreaded creative block. It's easy to navigate through and use to lessen frustration that may be at a higher level during a creative block.
Brigham & Women's Hospital Logo
I worked with Brigham & Women's hospital to create a logo for their new art program. The new program, Visual Arts in Healthcare Program, focuses on visual arts education for healthcare workers.
Beyond the Willows
As both an artist and a writer, incorporating both of my worlds into one is something I truly enjoy. For this project, I took my in-progress novel, Beyond the Willows, and designed, printed, and bound it into a physical book.
Minder: An Intervention
Prescription non-adherence is a current epidemic in the United States. Studies have shown that approximately 50 percent of medications aren’t taken as directed. To combat this issue, I’ve created Minder, an intervention that reminds people to take their medicine. It’s a magnetic-backed design with accompanying magnets and can attach to any magnetic surface . As a brand, Minder is fun, colorful, and encouraging—even a little abrasive at times, but it's all in the name of health!
Sul Sul, Class of '23!
People say that college is supposed to be “the best four years” of your life. We remember it through experiences and pictures, both digitally and physically. A yearbook acts as a vessel, a time capsule is dusted off every few years when it comes to mind. However, what happens when your college experience is cataloged through Zoom screenshots and group FaceTimes? I decided to combat fire with fire. For my senior degree project, I created a slightly more creative yearbook, utilizing The Sims as my photographic element and a scrapbook/collage style.
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